World Class Predictive Analytics, Mobile Sales Applications, Back Office and Services

Our mission is to grow revenue for our customers by making their sales teams more effective.


Predictive analytics


Make Success Inevitable with State of the Art Machine Learning

  • Our Recommendation Engine + Your Data + Analytics = SUCCESS
  • Surface next step recommendations through your apps, or our apps, to help your team lock in customers and prospects
  • Team member retention is made easier with a data-driven map for success
  • Recommendation driven on-boarding and training helps guarantee the long-term success of new members and long-time members
  • Upline can view team member's progress 

Mobile Applications

Recruit, On-board, and Retain                     

  • Mobile Prospecting - Recruit Customers and Convert Prospects to Members faster
    • Establish a 1:1 private relationship with prospects and customers with a professional invite via text or email to download your custom branded app
  • Mobile Media - Fast-track On-Boarding and Training
    • Quickly on-board and engage new members with video, audio, photos, and documents
  • Mobile Multi-Media Messaging - Engage and Retain Your Sales Team
    • Automatic, real-time, pre-populated contact groups or custom contact groups make business analytics more useful

Back Office

Fast, Easy, Inexpensive, and pre-Designed for Mobile and Predictive Analytics         

  • Our back office can handle it all
  • Mobile Platform 
  • E-commerce, PCI Compliance, Reporting, Commissions 
  • Sign-up, Genealogy Mgmt., Member Management
  • SKU Mgmt., Fulfillment, Accounting Integration
  • Consignment Sales and point of Sale
  • Event Management, Ticketing, Webcasts

DSM Workflow

We examine complex data patterns to generate algorithms that will help you make smarter trade-offs and better applications


1. Discovery

With your needs, workflow, processing and culture in mind, we work together to build an understanding of what is possible.


2. Collect Data

Let's learn what data you collect so we can think about how to best use your current analytics investment.


3. Access

We will share best practices with you regarding analytics and share recommendations about how to use your available data to become more successful.


4. Analyze

We will integrate our knowledge of your needs, workflow, processes and existing data to help think about how predictive analytics, mobile applications and back office services will help your business.


5. Recommendation

Simply put, how can technology drive your success further than you imagined?


Leadership Team


John Misko


John Misko has a distinguished track record of designing software products, managing the development and market launch of software, and working with the most demanding customers from specifying to delivering software solutions.

John co-founded Direct Sales Mobile, and leads all of its sales and marketing activities. John and Stephen share responsibility for working with customers to understand their requirements and work together to drive our products forward.

Previously, John was a Group Program Manager and a Product Manager at Microsoft from 1992 – 1999. John led efforts on Microsoft's most important products, including Excel, Windows, Visual Basic and MS Money.

Earlier, John was an Engineer at Mentor Graphics and before that an Engineer at Control-C Software.

Prior to Direct Sales Mobile, John went to school with his co-founder, Stephen Ackroyd, at Arizona State, worked with Stephen at the NASA image processing facility at ASU, and worked with Stephen at Mentor Graphics. They have remained close personal friends and professional allies over three decades.

John studied engineering, especially computer graphics, at Arizona State University and he earned a JD at Seattle University.

Steve Ackroyd


Stephen Ackroyd has a consistent track record of delivering winning technology products, and forging long term relationships with partners and customers.

Stephen co-founded Direct Sales Mobile, and manages daily operations of the development team. Stephen and John share responsibility for working with customers to understand their requirements and work together to drive our products forward.

Previously, Stephen oversaw Sales and Marketing for TPK, the lead supplier of touch screens for Apple's iPhone and iPad, up to its successful IPO after it acquired his business, EAM, a touch screen software company he co-founded.

Earlier, he was a key member of the launch teams for both the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast, each of which earned over a billion dollars in its launch year.

He lead Business Development at Lightspan, an educational software company prior to its successful IPO.

Earlier, he was an engineer at Mentor Graphics, and Interleaf.

Prior to Direct Sales Mobile, Stephen went to school with his co-founder, John Misko at Arizona State, worked with John at the NASA image processing facility at ASU, and worked with John at Mentor Graphics. They have remained close personal friends and professional allies over three decades.

Stephen earned a BA in Computer Science from UCSD and an MBA from UCLA.

SRL A2 Headhshot.jpg

steve Litzow

V.P. Marketing

Steve Litzow is a strategic sales, marketing and go-to-market expert bringing over 25 years of results oriented leadership with a strong intersection of skills at customer experience, strategy, and technology.

An entrepreneurial leader, he has worked as both an executive and consultant in developing and implementing innovative sales, marketing and go-to-market strategies across multiple industries.

Steve began his career at The Procter & Gamble Company in brand management and built a successful career as a senior executive in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments with companies such as Sharebuilder, Inc. (now Capital One), CompuServe (now AOL), The Shulton Group (now Procter & Gamble) and CEO of a venture capital backed, technology start-up.

Steve earned a BS from Northwestern University and is the inventor-of-record on patents in the consumer and technology fields.



Deborah Jones

V.P. Business Development

Deborah Jones has spent her career in both Fortune 500 companies and startups working with sales giants like Oracle Corporation, Silicon Graphics, F5 Networks, Isagenix International, and Altus Alliance.   She has held positions in sales, marketing and business development creating and implementing business strategies to accelerate revenue growth.

Deborah is the founder of AWE, Amazing Women Entrepreneurs, a networking organization that brings professional women together to support common business goals.  She served on the Northwest Children’s Fund board, a nonprofit organization working to end the cycle of abused and neglected children.  

Deborah holds a BA from Albion College and an MBA from Middlebury Institute of International Studies with a focus on international marketing. She lived in Tokyo, Japan and worked at Fuji Xerox Corporation studying international business and Japanese best practices.

She enjoys adventure travel with her family, mountaineering, boating, skiing, cycling and has completed 2 marathons.

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