World Class Mobile Sales Applications and Services

Our mission is to grow revenue for our customers by making their sales teams more effective.


Mobile Prospecting


Recruit Customers, Convert Prospects Faster

  • Establish a 1:1 private relationship with prospects and customers with a professional invite via text or email to download a custom branded app
  • Chat with prospects; send meeting invitations and share contacts, video, or audio in a controlled environment. The chat record persists so you always have some record of your past conversation 
  • Utilize the engagement dashboard to qualify, filter, and track prospects based on their content viewing 

Mobile Media

Fast-track On-boarding and training                   

  • Complete, secure catalogue access to videos, audio, documents, and photos directly from the mobile device 
  • Utilize the analytics and reporting to understand content usage and effectiveness 
  • Broadcast content by connecting the device to any TV 
  • Set controls to stream content in real time or download for playback without internet or data connection 

Mobile Messaging

Engage and Retain Your Sales Team                     

  • Automatic pre-populated contact groups.
  • Quickly build customer contact groups right from the mobile device 
  • Send and receive multimedia messages in real time without the character limitations of text and potential file size restrictions of email 
  • Minimized upload and download times with state-of-the-art compression techniques 

Our Approach To Building Partnerships

Your Brand, Your Network, Your Control

  • Your Business At the Center - We build our applications with your workflow, culture, and processes in mind to ensure quick adoption and ease of use by your team 

  • Customized Look, Controlled Environment – We can customize our applications to your brand specifications and because it is your environment, content and communications are secure and access is easily controlled and managed across the organization 

  • Fast, Agile Deployment - Our applications are delivered seamlessly via SAAS (Software as a Service) with integration services that work with your existing software, meaning you can launch in weeks vs. months 

  • Works with Almost Every Mobile Device - Our applications are available across all IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Branded as your organization’s apps, they can be optionally featured in the Apple and Android app stores

Our Founders

John Misko


John Misko has a distinguished track record of designing software products, managing the development and market launch of software, and working with the most demanding customers from specifying to delivering software solutions.

John co-founded Direct Sales Mobile, and leads all of its sales and marketing activities. John and Stephen share responsibility for working with customers to understand their requirements and work together to drive our products forward.

Previously, John was a Group Program Manager and a Product Manager at Microsoft from 1992 – 1999. John led efforts on Microsoft's most important products, including Excel, Windows, Visual Basic and MS Money.

Earlier, John was an Engineer at Mentor Graphics and before that an Engineer at Control-C Software.

Prior to Direct Sales Mobile, John went to school with his co-founder, Stephen Ackroyd, at Arizona State, worked with Stephen at the NASA image processing facility at ASU, and worked with Stephen at Mentor Graphics. They have remained close personal friends and professional allies over three decades.

John studied engineering, especially computer graphics, at Arizona State University and he earned a JD at Seattle University.

Steve Ackroyd


Stephen Ackroyd has a consistent track record of delivering winning technology products, and forging long term relationships with partners and customers.

Stephen co-founded Direct Sales Mobile, and manages daily operations of the development team. Stephen and John share responsibility for working with customers to understand their requirements and work together to drive our products forward.

Previously, Stephen oversaw Sales and Marketing for TPK, the lead supplier of touch screens for Apple's iPhone and iPad, up to its successful IPO after it acquired his business, EAM, a touch screen software company he co-founded.

Earlier, he was a key member of the launch teams for both the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast, each of which earned over a billion dollars in its launch year.

He lead Business Development at Lightspan, an educational software company prior to its successful IPO.

Earlier, he was an engineer at Mentor Graphics, and Interleaf.

Prior to Direct Sales Mobile, Stephen went to school with his co-founder, John Misko at Arizona State, worked with John at the NASA image processing facility at ASU, and worked with John at Mentor Graphics. They have remained close personal friends and professional allies over three decades.

Stephen earned a BA in Computer Science from UCSD and an MBA from UCLA.


Leadership Team



Wil Johnson has been delivering exceptional results in sales, business development, and channel and partner marketing for technology, retail, and CPG companies for more than 20 years. He has built his career on successfully taking products to market, breaking new ground for organizations, running sales planning from ideation through implementation, and leading change in dynamic business environments.

A Seattle native, he is a graduate of Washington State University and supports various non-profits in the Puget Sound.

Adnan Umer


Adnan Umer has over 10 years of experience with Project and Product Management, Software Architecture and System Analysis and Design.He has successfully delivered projects for Fortune 500 clients like Pepsico, Frito Lay, Amway and Telenor.

He manages our development teams and provides technical oversight. Adnan ensures that estimates are accurate and deliverables are on time. Adnan has a BS in Computer Science from FAST-NU and an MBA from LSE (Lahore School of Economics)

Kate COjocaru


Kate Cojocaru has a BA in Accounting and an SQA from Portnov Computer School. She is our application testing guru and has in-depth experience with web-based and mobile applications. 

Kate is fluent in Russian and Romanian.


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Recorded 8/11/16  

Time: 30 minutes

We invite you to view our recorded live event with executives from one of the largest Amway Affiliates who share their story and insights about going mobile to build and retain their sales team.


This Webinar Addresses 3 key topics:

  • Getting Started: Scoping the opportunity and capturing the design requirements.

  • Implementing the solution: Insights and lessons learned along the way. 

  • Results: How the solution impacted the day-to-day operations for the field sales team as well as the overall business for the organization.

We hope you find the Webinar informative and inspiring and learn how “going mobile” with our platform and applications can grow your business!

- The Direct Sales Mobile Team


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