Direct Sales Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What is Direct Sales Mobile?

Direct Sales Mobile is a company that specializes in Mobile Applications on iOS and Android platforms targeted at the Direct Sales industry.  Our products have been in use since 2011 by thousands and thousands of daily users.  We have extensive knowledge about designing, developing, testing, maintain, and managing mobile applications.  We also have extenize knowledge about integrating with your back-office.  It is not easy because iOS and Android are always changing, and so are our customer’s needs so we are always adding features.  Our design, development and test team is comprised of about 30 fulltime people who are expert at what they do.

2.       How does DSM Messaging organize  contact groups?

Contact groups are organized hierarchically, based on your user’s downline and structure of their organization.  Direct Sales Mobile is the top sponsor in the demo version of DSM Messaging.  As another example, if I sponsor three sales reps., the group “My Frontline” will contain three members.   The group MY LOS is short for my Line of Sponsorship and contains all the sales reps. in my organization.

3.       Can I add Customers to DSM Messaging?

YES.  If you choose to communicate with customers, you can add them to your Groups list.  Then you can share audios, videos and other content to promote products which they can purchase direct from DSM Messaging (note that purchasing requires custom integration).

4.       There are many options in DSM Messaging, how can I use the options?

Most of the options are designed to give you flexibility when you send messages.  For example, “Private” keeps a message only between you and the recipient(s) you select; it cannot be forwarded to other sales reps. or customers.  “Reply All” allows you to start a conversation among all recipients.  Other options include the ability to attach one or more audios, photos, website links, and even products from your back-office so customers can purchase from your message (note that purchasing requires custom integration).  Other options are designed to maximize the user experience when uploading and downloading content.

5.       Can we configure group names in DSM Messaging?

YES.  Groups can be defined and named so they make the most sense for your business.  In addition, we offer custom groups which permit your users to construct the groups they want (note that this requires some integration work).

6.       Can we brand DSM Media and DSM Messaging to match our Company colors and use our logos?

YES.  We can use your logos and match your colors.  We will work with you to ensure the look and feel you desire.

7.       Our back-office contains a lot of line of business information that we would like to make available to DSM Media and DSM Messaging, can you integrate with our back-office?

YES.  Many customers already store downline and sales rep. information in their back-office, we offer many options to import that information to add intelligence to our Mobile Applications.  For example, DSM Messaging groups can be automatically created and updated.  Product information, such as price, purchasing, descriptions, can be made available to DSM Messaging and DSM Media.

8.       How do we publish videos, audios, photos and documents to DSM Media?

We offer a web-based publishing platform that allows you to upload audios, documents, videos, along with thumbnails, descriptions, titles, and other attributes including categories to group your content for easy access by your users.  Photos can be managed by you from within a SmugMug account which we can access with some simple information about your SmugMug account.

9.       Who do we contact to learn more?

Please send email to and someone will contact you.