Important information for users with Apple Devices on iOS 9

This page is to inform you of a new feature being introduced to users with Apple devices on iOS 9. This new feature helps protect users from installing in-house apps from untrusted sources.

After updating to iOS 9, all Apple users will need to "trust" Vision Global, Inc. as an in-house app developer. This covers all Vision Global mobile apps.


The steps below are simple.

  • Update to iOS 9.
  • When you try to access Vision Global apps for the first time after installation, an “Untrusted Developer” alert will occur.
  • Cancel the Alert.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on “General.”
  • Tap on “Profiles.”
  • Tap on “Vision Global, Inc.” listed under Enterprise Apps.
  • Tap on “Trust Vision Global, Inc.”
  • Tap “Trust” on the pop up to allow apps from Vision Global, Inc, as an enterprise developer.


Bottom Line: Vision Global inc. is a TRUSTED Developer.

Moving forward, please ensure that your current and new downline understand this Apple security feature and how to trust Vision Global on their devices.